How to place an order :

1. Check our 'Booking Availabilities' (below) to see if there are bookings available for the month of your order.

2. Email us at delisweet.treats@yahoo.com with the following details:- Date of event- Type of cake\treat you have in mind.

3. If the date is available and once the cake design has been finalized, we'll send you a quote, from which a 10% deposit is required within 7 days of the quote in order to secure the date and confirm the booking.
4. Remaining balance is due 7 days before the event.To avoid disappointment, orders are best placed at least 1-3 months prior to the event date. Bookings subject to availability.

Booking availabilities :

Black Out Dates :
( Sorry, we are either booked, or unable to take further orders on the following dates : )

June 03-06 2010
June 10-12 2010
June 13-19 2010 ( booked solid)
June 25-27 2010
November 26-29 2010

Email Orders to : delisweet.treats@yahoo.com