Edible Work Of Art

Tired of those flat mechanically processed "buy in bulk" sheet sponges ( i.e. cakes ) with plastic toppers and spray coloring ... and yet you wish you could surprise your child or that special birthday person with the perfect birthday cake that seems to stem right out of his\her imagination. You have come to the perfect place for ordering themed cakes, cupcakes, and cookies ....

DeliSWeet Treats is a home-based family venture in the Acton\Boxborough\Concord area of Greater Boston, Massachusetts. With a passion for art, cooking and baking, our Cake Decorator\Confection Artist is also known as a visual ( and virtual-portal) artist, and has created works of art, (including themed cakes) for various non-profit local events.

" Each of my Cakes is a work of art, made with love, care and extreme attention to detail. I use fresh, natural, low fat ingredients. If you are after an edible work of art, then you have come to the right place.
My passion for the Arts is a tribute to my dad and elder brother and all the amazing things I learned watching them create and invent in the family workshop-studio ....My love of baking & cooking (... and dress making) is a life-long training with my mum and elder sister. I had put aside all of that when I went to college in the pursuit of an equally rewarding-international career - but it's all coming back again ... Somehow, the younger generation of the family longs to unleash and experience more and more of this family 'secret' " .

~~~ I.P., Owner\Artist\Baker , DeliSWeet Treats. ~~~

Low Fat\Low Sugar cakes ... how is that possible ?

My low fat recipes are available an request ; People have asked me how I make low sugar\low fat cakes when the word "cake" itself evokes "butter and sugar ... and of course, much dreaded fat " ... The answer is yes, it is possible to make low sugar and low fat cakes,cookies and cupcakes by substituting wherever possible. I learned most of my low-fat recipes\substitutes, through experience and also from my parents who taught me the fundamentals of practical, traditional and vegetarian cooking\baking . They would always find creative and healthy ways to make the most decadent treats... Yes, one can make cakes without eggs, with raw sugar, or with much less carb (flour and butter) than what the recipe calls for. Nature has also created pumpkins, corn, oats, zucchinis , potatoes and carrots that are perfect ingredients for healthy baking. I have never used shortening in my cakes ... just the thought of it makes me feel sick. My preference is margarine or vegetable oil. That's what make my baking style figure friendly.

So you can have your DeliSWeet Treats cake ( or cupcake) , and also eat it ...

Email your orders or questions to : delisweet.treats@yahoo.com

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